TLV Energy's Ready, Setup, Save Process is Simple!

Step 1: Evaluate Your Requirements

TLV Energy will review your historical electricity usage and work with you to determine your preferred business requirements to ensure that the terms that are important to you are included in your new agreement.

Step 2: Supplier Pricing and Market Analysis

TLV Energy will obtain pricing from suppliers. We will translate your pricing into comparable terms and then recommend vendor, term and product selection.

Step 3: Contract Negotiation

We will  negotiate your contract with the selected provider to ensure that it includes the terms that are important to you and then present the new contract to you.

Step 4: Ongoing Invoice Audit

TLV Energy will review your initial invoices to ensure your account was set up according to the contract signed.


Ready to take the next step?

All that is needed to proceed is to fill out the Letter of Authorization (click to view) and either email your completed, scanned form along with your last 12 months of billing invoices (if available) to, or fax it to: 800-422-8148.  Call us at 214-763-1519.